July 18, 2022

Beauty IQ Pro Digital Booking, POS and Marketing Platform For iOS and Android

Beauty IQ Pro | The Future of Beauty Intelligence

San Diego, California July 18, 2022  (BeautyIQPro PR) Beauty IQ Pro announced the launch of its brand new global digital salon, spa, wellness and fitness booking, POS and marketing platform.

The Beauty IQ Pro branded global digital platform for salon, spa, wellness and fitness pros is available in iOS, android and desktop with an introductory membership fee of $19.99 per month and a low 2.5% for POS transactions. There are no contracts, no sign on, no set up nor cancellation fees. 

Included in the innovative Beauty IQ Pro branded digital platform : 

  • Calendar 
  • Notifications
  • Marketing 
  • OnBooking
  • Scheduling
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Customer Tracking 
  • E-Commerce Online Store
  • Live Stream Shopping 
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Reoccurring Rent & Fee Payments
  • Payments 
  • Contactless payments 
  • Point of sale (POS) payment processing
  • Marketing Suite 
  • Unlimited Email and Text Marketing 
  • Custom Forms, Waivers, Quizzes and Surveys 
  • Your Own Beauty IQ Pro Website Builder 
  • Payroll 
  • Reporting
  • Updates
  • Beauty IQ Institute LiveStream 
  • Memberships
  • Gift Cards
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android 
  • Beauty IQ Pro Customer App 
  • Beauty IQ Pro Business App 

Beauty IQ Pro hairstylists, estheticians, makeup artists, nail techs, stylists, wellness and fitness pros can book clients, manage, market and scale their businesses via the Beauty IQ Pro app. The roll out for Beauty IQ Pro app will be available in California, Colorado, Texas and other states within CONUS and locations within the UK, EU and MENA starting August 2022.

The cost benefit analysis of the Beauty IQ Pro digital platform app allows the brand to go en vogue rogue to reach a broader audience, reduce their CRE footprint to scale the company globally with its limitless technology solutions, making their bottom line laugh the f**k out loud.

Effective immediately the brand announced the celebration of the strategic relocation of its HQs to tax friendly Texas with locations throughout sunny California; Dubai, UAE; Zurich, Switzerland and London, U.K.

The firm aims to also achieve maximum empowerment by terminating the landlord tenant model to invest in and become the landlord of its own commercial real estate properties within CONUS — as opposed to leasing from landlords. The brand officially closed escrow on its first corporate owned property in Texas last month and expects more acquisitions soon after the economic downturn’s recessionary period clears.

“We must forstall any direction as a brand that does not allow us to become the master of our domain, real estate and intellectual property. “ — Rhonda Coleman Albazie, CRE Developer and Founder at Beauty IQ Pro | Beauty IQ Institute

Beauty IQ Institute and Beauty IQ Pro Spa services including Beauty IQ Pro’s corporate owned luxury mountain properties will remain available opportunities within the majestic mountains of Colorado.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Beauty IQ Institute bricks and mortar locations within Texas and California remain within the portfolio due to the favorable profit margins, explosive inbound migration and consumer demographics being in alignment.

Additional software solutions within the firm’s innovative technology portfolio developed by software engineer and Beauty IQ Pro founder, Rhonda Coleman Albazie and available starting August 2022 include 

  • Beauty IQ Pro Digital Marketing app
  • Beauty IQ Pro Social Media Influencer Marketing app
  • Beauty IQ Pro Salon and Spa Suites app
  • Beauty IQ Institute app 

Sign up today for Beauty IQ Pro BETA | The Future of Beauty Intelligence booking, POS and marketing platform and take your business to the next level. 

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