May 10, 2022

Shiatsu Massage

Beauty IQ Institute Massage Therapy Program | Spa and Wellness School

Beauty IQ Pro Spa’s Shiatsu Massage is a traditional Japanese body work therapy which is based on traditional Chinese medicine and prioritizes qi meridians and the body’s energy flow aka Qi or KI. 

It leverages acupressure to release tension and bring overall balance to the body and well-being to the mind. This is an excellent massage for natural anti-depressant and natural anti-anxiety therapy for drug-free mood enhancement and inducing deep relaxation. 

Shiatsu differs from Western massage in that it works with joints and connective tissue vs muscles. Another difference is that a shiatsu session is done in our special Himalayan salt massage and body work room, and the entire massage is executed on the floor with the client lying on one our of sanitized and comfy Beauty IQ Pro Spa mat.