January 1, 2022

Beauty Intelligence Brief : 2022 Beauty Goals and Wellness Resolutions Planner

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Starring Beauty IQ Pro Signature Facials
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Create A Schedule To Achieve Goals 

Prioritize A Self Care Protocol

Spa Day On The Regular 

Schedule A Comprehensive Skin Analysis 

Book A Transformative Touch Spa 

Book Cold Therapy, Steam and Saunas

Book Rejuvenating Facials & Body Treatments

Book A Soothing Massage 

Book A Spa Retreat 

Schedule Salon Appointment For Consultation 

Schedule Healthy Hair Treatments Conditioning, Cut & Color 

Schedule Time With Weight Loss Coach

Set Weight Management Goals

Stay Hydrated 

Use SPF Religiously

Start A Sugar, Alcohol and Drug Detox 

Start Your Food Journal 

Eat Clean & Primarily Plant Based  

Enjoy High Tea 

Schedule Deep, Restorative Sleep

Make Exercise Fun with Friends 

Invest In A Pedometer

Take Walks Daily

Spend Time In Nature   

Join Beauty IQ Pro Beauty, Weight Loss & Wellness Club

Join Beauty IQ Pro Bibliophile Book Club

Take Yoga

Learn To Meditate

Practice Meditation On The Regular  

Take A Media & Digital Detox Diet 

Schedule An Executive Physical 

Achieve Self-Expansion

Learn Something New 

Travel with Beauty IQ Pro Retreats

Maintain A Positive Worldview

Cultivate A Mindset of Resilience 


Thrive In Any Terrain 


Practice Mindfulness

Eliminate Clutter

Focus On Goals 

Answer The Important Questions 

Why Are You Making Goals & Resolutions

What Benefits Are You Going To Gain From Achieving These Goals?

What Are The Knowns, Unknowns and Obstacles of The Goals? 

What Are Not The Obstacles or Problems of the Goals?

What Info, Resources or Team Do You Need To Achieve Your Goals? 

Be Realistic 

Write Down Your Top 25 Beauty & Wellness Goals 

Circle The Top 5 Beauty & Wellness Goals

Eliminate The Goals That You Did Not Circle

Do Not Attempt To Achieve Goals That Are Not In The Priority List

Envision The Best and Worst Outcomes of Your Goals? 

Hire A Beauty, Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

Join The Beauty IQ Pro Beauty, Weight Loss and Wellness Community 

Surround Yourself With Beautiful, Intelligent People 

Envision Your Dream Lifestyle

Align Your Goals with Your Dream Lifestyle

Achieve Team Accountability 

Create A Beauty & Wellness Vision Board

Make Beauty & Wellness Declarations Not Resolutions

Plan Your Beauty Goals & Wellness Resolutions

Make Micro-Changes

Break Goals Into Weekly Goals

Download A Journaling App

Create (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound 

Write Down Your Goals 

Hire A Beauty, Wellness and Weight Loss Coach 

Maximize Your Time 

Track & Measure Your Progress 

Re-Evaluate Your Habits

Replace Counter-Productive Habits with Productive Habits

Reward Yourself Weekly 

Practice Self Acceptance 

Practice Self Love



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