May 6, 2022

Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Gilded Glam & Hairless Wonderful After Care Products

Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar | Luxury Hair Removal Spa Ingrown Hair Wipes

Post Waxing, Sugaring, IPL and Laser Hair Removal After-Care by Beauty IQ Pro

Your intimate hair management issues resolved. Swollen hair follicles? Ingrown hairs? Pigment changes? Redness? Irritation? Skin Texture Changes?

Rewards of more, quality you time and nurturing skin care. . . Love your Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar experience and the after care routine.

Our resident BEAUTY IQ PRO LABS (BIQ PRO LABS) cosmetic chemist, product developer and MUA Silver Coleman BSc has been workin’ the lab angle and mixing Future of Beauty Intelligence formulations that solve our hairiest challenges while optimizing our hair removal spa experiences by delivering our Beauty IQ Pro Wax BarGilded Glam x Hairless Wonderful After Care” product line.

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Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar’s Gilded Glam x Hairless Wonderful After-Care Line includes CBD ingrown hair wipes, ingrown hair serums, washes, lotions, intimate hair management care, tools and more. Shop Beauty IQ Pro. Stay Gilded Glam x Hairless Wonderful.


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