Forest Therapy Gets Rustic Luxe Lit

Forest Therapy at Beauty IQ Pro Rustic Luxe Lit

Join our indigenous Rx healer and guide during Forest Therapy and get rustic luxe lit experiencing the power of phytoncides and nature to naturally reduce blood pressure, boost moods, optimize […]

Indigenous Rx Healing

Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness Rain Forest Experience | Indigenous Rx Healing | Rhonda Coleman Albazie

Discover Indigenous Rx Healing at Beauty IQ Pro Spa… The FIRST PEOPLES Apothecary Upgrade featuring Products. Experiences.

The Beautefessional

Rhonda Coleman Albazie aka The Beautefessional Founder at Beauty IQ Pro

In introduction of Beauty IQ Pro Spa Director, Rhonda Coleman Albazie aka The Beautefessional …. She launched Beauty IQ Pro Spa & Wellness in 2019 after a decade of devoting […]