May 18, 2022

The Beautefessional

Rhonda Coleman Albazie aka The Beautefessional Founder at Beauty IQ Pro

In introduction of Beauty IQ Pro Spa Director, Rhonda Coleman Albazie aka The Beautefessional ….

She launched Beauty IQ Pro Spa & Wellness in 2019 after a decade of devoting her legacy to privilege health, indigenous Rx healing and luxury wellness. And along with her all-American Trophy Husband — a retired and decorated US Navy Officer, Lobbyist, Yacht Master and Defense Contractor Executive Manager at Lockheed Martin — Stan Coleman, have been interlocked network married to building, defending and optimizing beautiful American Dreams since 1985.

Giving birth to our labor of love for humanity, building a beautiful dream team of passionate spa & wellness pros and blessing the community with BIQ SPA & WELLNESS has been a wonderful journey and a dream come true.

We are deeply humbled and simply honored to offer the exclusive Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experience in La Jolla – San Diego, California , Colorado and Texas.

Journey into unparalleled indulgence in beauty, skincare and wellness with an encore of limitless self-expansion, celebrating souls, inner child play, spiritual healing, nature immersion, life balance, relaxation reloaded, orchestrated rest and welcome rejuvenation. BIQ SPA & WELLNESS. Championing healthy, luxe lifestyles we love.