March 28, 2021

Private Equity Rainmaker, Rhonda Coleman Albazie’s Alpha Spa Group Announces Spa and Wellness Startup Portfolio Powered By Ai and Data Analytics

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Alpha Spa, Inc helmed by private equity rainmaker, serial M&A entrepreneur and class “A” CRE developer, Rhonda Coleman Albazie —→ announced the launch of its luxury defined beauty, health, spa and wellness startup portfolio powered by high IQ human capital, Ai and data analytics.  


“At Alpha Spa Group, we define success by how much we optimize our clients health, help them thrive and by how good we make our clients look and feel.”    — Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Alpha Spa Group Founder 


The Alpha Spa Group Portfolio

Several innovative destination spa concepts including Alpha Spa™, Beauty IQ Pro Spa™, Esthe II Skincare™, The White Retreat™, Soul Spa Space™, Illumi Spa™ and Q Spa™ have been developed for the portfolio.

Location Intelligence

Plans to scale throughout the Americas, UK, EU, Asia and MENA are underway. Current spa openings slated from spring thru fall 2021 are located in multiple cities within the Americas in Colorado, Texas, Hawaii and Florida. California, London and other destination spa openings are scheduled for 2022.

Spring 2021 Openings 

◊ Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado 

Summer 2021 Openings

◊ Dallas, Texas

◊ Austin, Texas 


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Colorado 

Alpha Spa, Inc dba as Beauty IQ Pro Spa, an exclusive spa sanctuary — evokes glamor, grace and architectural ingenuity of the golden age with its two new locations in trophy Cherry Creek, Colorado.

Alpha Spa Group Deliverables

The Alpha Spa platform delivers interlocked network executive corporate wellness programs to top blue chip corporations, lifestyle management to the HNW, boasting family offices and select members of some of the world’s royal families as clients while also partnering with luxury resorts worldwide.

Offerings for Alpha Spa Group’s business are through segments such as longevity, wellbeing, medica, beauty and spa. Rounding out their  wheelhouse beyond physical spas and wellness platforms are beauty and skincare offerings, advanced medical aesthetics, holistic, functional and concierge health care, mental health optimization, stress, weight and lifestyle management, curated experiences and cultural events, software solutions, startups, classes, branded products, e-commerce and franchises.

Beauty IQ Pro Experiences

Guests can illuminate their souls, celebrate luxe slow living and achieve higher vibrations with Beauty IQ Pro Spa experiences :

♦ Connect with nature and wildlife during spiritual forest therapy

♦ Optimize your health with botanical Rx

♦ Heal through the lens of spiritual, indigenous rituals and recently legalized, ground-breaking psychedelic treatments such as ketamine, prescribed by our esteemed Privilege Physicians  concierge doctors

♦ Bask in alpine indulgence during outdoor recreation therapy with our guided ski, snowboard, white water rafting, glamping and  mountain waterfall hiking tours

Beauty IQ Pro Spa’s Art Deco and Biophilic Design

Beauty IQ Pro Spa experiences are delivered in our (4) four to (8) eight, double 5-star rated,  classic luxury Art Deco and biophilic designed treatment rooms and (2) two couples suites.

The Alpha Spa Group’s interiors, designed by Coleman-Albazie are done in biophilic design — connecting nature showcasing rich, natural woods, imported semi-precious stone, upmarket fixtures with circa 1920s Art Deco enhancements that pay homage to the roaring ‘20s while celebrating the leisure class.

The indulgent destination spa’s richness of design invites you in, to a visual utopia conducive to spa-ing drawing your attention to clean lines, warmed toned palettes and lavishly textured custom wall coverings which flirt with shades of purple and yellow inspired by amethyst and citrine gemstones. The ambience and interiors are as refreshing and relevant to contemporary taste of today as they were to the Gatsbyesque residents of that excessive, often turbulent, but ultimately glamorous epoch of the 20th century. The aesthetic grace pairs well with its host, raising the bar and setting the standard in spa and wellness experiences.


Renewal Reloaded

Mission critical, post COVID-19 pandemic, Beauty IQ Pro Spa blesses the community and ushers in a new season. Renewal reloaded has arrived. 

Mandate | Luxe Slow Living : Self , Soul and Life In Balance

The spa’s luxe slow living, health optimization, healing, longevity and lofty self-care, self-acceptance, self-love, self-awareness, self-expansion and self-mastery mandate elevated by concierge service, signature treatments, high IQ human capital spa staff, location intelligence and the iconic architecture of, what F. Scott Fitzgerald dubbed, the “age of miracles, the age of art, and the age of excess” which will never go out of vogue. 


Welcoming Spa Aficionados Seeking

Coveted by the rank and file and gold collar class alike, Beauty IQ Pro Spa welcomes resort, day and medical spa aficionados seeking life in balance, rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, holistic brain and health optimization, beauty enhancement, connection, intimacy and stress free, spa day, staycation high achievement.


Upgrade your spa day with our signature Rocky Mountain Diamond Infusion Lifting Facial, Mountain Mineral treatments or cellulite smoothing Endosphères Lymphatic Massage.


Beauty IQ Pro Spa’s Virtual Consultations

Beauty IQ Pro Spa offers virtual consultations, conveniently online, anywhere and on any device including mobile, tablet or desktop. Scheduled to suit your avail.

◊ #AskTheEsthetician™

◊ #AskTheSkincareIQPro™

◊ #AskTheAestheticSurgeon™

◊ #AskTheAestheticsMD™     

◊ #AskTheBeautyIQPro™       

◊ #AskTheWellnessIQPro™

◊ #AskTheWeightLossIQPro™



Advanced Tech Treatments

Learn more about our high tech treatments — such as a 7-Minute Eye Lift, LED light therapy, and microcurrent facials —an effective collagen turbo booster, reversing and reducing signs of aging, to reveal the brilliance of your unique Beauty IQ Pro Glow.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa Craft Body and Facial Treatments

Our craft facial, body and skincare treatments include our signature facials, hydrafacials, body wraps, laser treatments, hair removal, hair replacement, hair and scalp treatments, hand and foot treatments, permanent and semi-permanent makeup, cellulite treatments, bio-identical hormone treatments and customized weight loss and weight management programs.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa’s Global Modalities

Beauty IQ Pro Spa body treatments incorporate global modalities — such as Swiss Nescens Anti-Aging, Energy Modalities, Regenerative Therapies,  Authentic Ayurvedic, Mountain Thermal Baths, Intuitive Holistic Healing, Sunaburo & Steam Spa, Moroccan Hammam Spa, Indigenous Rx, Zambian Zen, Russian Banya, Padabhyanga and Vinotherapy Spa.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa Massage Therapies

Beauty IQ Pro Massage Therapies include  Swedish, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Thai, Sport, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Prenatal, Couple’s Massage, Chair Massage and our signature Beauty IQ Pro Massage therapies.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa Cult Beauty Brands

Explore ample amounts of cult beauty brands including Beauty IQ Pro, Chez Wifey, Esthe II Skincare, White Retreat, Illumi Spa, Q Spa, Natura Bissé, Valmont and Knesko Skin. 


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Menu

The Beauty IQ Pro Spa menu features anti-aging treatments and medical aesthetics are welcome add ons with services from Botox and dermal fillers to medical grade chemical peels, PRP platelet rich plasma, Microneedling, microdermabrasion, IPL, acne treatments, Mesotherapy, PDO and PCL thread lifts, non-surgical face and neck treatments, liposuction, fat grafting, skin tightening and sclerotherapy. 

Beauty IQ Pro Body Sculpting

Also discover dynamic envelopments for the body featuring sculpting, toning, weight loss, the healing arts, and specialty treatments, too.

Beauty IQ Pro Salon

Beauty IQ Pro Salon services include shampoo and deep conditioning, hair masks, blow outs, updos, braids, extensions, balayage, highlights, coloring, hair cuts for men and women. Finish your hair style with bespoke brow artistry, lash lifts or lash extensions, make up, nail services, styling, beauty coaching and spa classes among others. 

Empirically Proven Treatments 

Complimenting the Beauty IQ Pro Spa menu are empirically proven, holistic, functional and indigenous healing treatments, mineral baths, a sleep therapy chamber, brain and health optimization, sexual health optimization treatments, sensory perception treatments, emotional IQ enhancement, mood regulation and personal development. We are honored to offer concierge medical care by Privilege Physicians. 

Beauty IQ Pro Invite-Only 

The exclusive, invite-only Beauty IQ Pro Spa membership card empowers member-only access and opportunities on our signature treatments, concierge spa services, experiences and events.


Shop Beauty IQ Pro Spa

Shop Beauty IQ Pro Spa store for our gift cards,  branded products, services, solutions, virtual coaching, health optimizing and memorable experiences and more.


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Operating Hours 

Spa operating hours are Monday thru Sunday 6:00 am to 8:00pm.


COVID Protocols

Current COVID – 19 pandemic restrictions limiting business operations and protocols are in place as follows : 

◊ All services are by appointment only 

◊ A virtual consultation is recommended 

◊ Masks are mandatory 

◊ Temperature checks required

◊ Rapid COVID testing opportunities prior to services 


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Amenities


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Tech Amenities 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Mobile App

◊ My Beauty IQ Pro Dashboard for Clientele 

◊ #AskBeautyIQPRO VIRTUAL Consultations

◊ Dedicated Beauty IQ Pro Spa Account Manager 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Store Plus Online Shopping

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Connect One Click Call

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa SMS

◊ Effortless In-App and Online Booking

◊ Online Payments

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Tablets

◊ Proprietary Beauty IQ Pro Spa Software 

◊ Proprietary Skincare IQ Pro Software 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Gift Cards

◊ Reloadable Beauty IQ Pro Spa Fulfillment Cards 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Charge Cards

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Attendant 

◊ Free High Speed WiFi For Guests

◊ Keyless Electronic Entry 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Club Membership 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Day Passes 


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Interiors

◊ Rated Double 5-Star Classic Luxury Spa 

◊ Circa 1920’s Art Deco Themed Interiors

◊ Bespoke Art Deco Lighting Fixtures Including Chandeliers

◊ Open Floor Plans

◊ Smart Sensors That Control Lighting and Temperature

◊ Mountain Sky Interactive Ceilings

◊ Open Floor Plan 

◊ Biophilic Designs

◊ Living Plant Walls

◊ Indoor Living Gardens

◊ Fresh Flowers

◊ In Spa Waterfalls 

◊ Spa Grade Bathrooms 

◊ Fireplace

◊ Natural Wood and Stone Flooring

◊ Heated Flooring 

◊ Spa Music Including Live Concerto

◊ Harpist, Violist, Flute, Pianist , Cello, Guitar 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Mineral Baths 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Lounge

   Fresh Towels

◊ Complimentary Health Teas

◊ Complimentary Cucumber Water

◊ Complimentary Organic Fruits and Vegetables

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Library

◊ (4) Four to (8) Treatment Rooms 

◊ The Beauty Intelligence Suite Accommodates Up To Two People

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Mobile Spa — Beauty IQ Pro Spa On Wheels!

◊ On-Demand Concierge Beauty IQ Pro Spa Direct To Your Door

◊ On-Site, Full Service Beauty IQ Pro Spa Concierge

◊ Location Intelligence | Location! Location! Location!

◊ Valet Parking

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Branded G-wagon

◊ Complimentary Beauty IQ Pro Spa Mercedes SUV Shuttle

◊ Clients Pick Up and Drop Off

◊ Rides To/From Denver International Airport

◊ Rides To/From Park Meadows Mall and Light Rail

◊ On- Site Executive Protection and Security by Securitelligence™


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Sustenance

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Branded House Spirits (Wines/Champagnes)

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Caviar x Champagne Bar

   Beauty IQ Pro Spa Juice x Wellness Bar

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa Nutritious Meals

Beauty IQ Pro Spa Meal Plan Subscription

   Beauty IQ Pro Spa Meals Prepared By Private Chef 


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Comforts

◊ Cashmere Wraps

◊ Personalized Spa Robes

◊ Heated and Weighted Blankets 

◊ Towel Warmers 

◊ Steam Towels


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Expanded Services Menu

◊ Slow Living Coaching 

◊ Beauty Coaching

◊ Skin Therapy 

◊ Dedicated Skin Therapist

◊ White Guilt Lounge 

◊ Spiritual Diversity Guidance  

◊ Soul Illumination 

◊ Minority Angst Release

◊ Negative Energy Clearing 

◊ Sensory Perception Therapy 

◊ Sleep Therapy

◊ Cleopatra Experience 

◊ 24-K Gold Mask 

◊ Reflexology 

◊ Body Wraps

◊ Hydrotherapy

◊ Vichy Showers 

◊ Alpine Cool Mists 

◊ Himalayan Salt Wall 

◊ Sauna

◊ Cellulite Removal

◊ Body Sculpting 

◊ Emotional Regulation

◊ Mood Enhancement 

◊ Personal Development

◊ Touch Therapy

◊ Spa Manicures & Spa Pedicures 

◊ Body Polishing 

◊ Sugar Scrubs 

◊ Detoxifying Body Cleanse 

◊ Algae Wrap

◊ Mud Baths

◊ G5 Colon Therapy 

◊ Lymphatic Drainage 

◊ Chakra Clearing 

◊ High Tech Facials

◊ Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

◊ LED Light and Color Therapy

◊ Air Massage

◊ Oxygen Blast

◊ Oxygenated Vitamin C

◊ Radio-Frequency Therapy

◊ Electroporation 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Glow Sunless Tanning Salon

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Glow Sunless Tanning Products 

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Custom Serums

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Beauty, Skin, Body and Hair Serums

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Salons

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Nail Spa

◊ Wellness IQ Pro Spa


Beauty IQ Pro Experiences with Spa Encores

◊ Nature Therapy

◊ Forest Therapy 

◊ Phytoncides Rx

◊ Wildlife Connection 

◊ Guided Mountain Hiking 

◊ Guided Waterfall Hiking 

◊ Birdwatching 

◊ Off Property Hot Springs Tours with Beauty IQ Pro Spa Encore

◊ Off Property Sulphur Soak with Beauty IQ Pro Spa Encore 

◊ Off Property Skiing and Snowboarding w Beauty IQ Pro Spa Encore 

◊ Off Property Horse Riding w Beauty IQ Pro Spa Encore

◊ Off Property Golf w Beauty IQ Pro Spa Encore

Beauty IQ Pro Spa School

◊ Beauty IQ Pro Spa School

◊ Featured In-Spa and Online Classes

◊ Beauty, skincare, weight loss and wellness classes

◊ Nutrition, cooking and grocery shopping classes


Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experiences

◊ Immersive, colorful cultural wellness events

◊ Indigenous Rituals 

◊ Energy Healing 

◊ Sound Therapy

◊ On-Going Spa Fitness Classes

◊ Personal Training

◊ Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs

◊ Weight Loss Coaching

◊ Wellness IQ Pro

◊ Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and More 

◊ Go Beauty IQ Pro for Wanderlust and Wellness

◊ Nutrient Therapy 

◊ Concierge Health Care by Privilege Physicians Concierge MDs




Go Beauty IQ Pro

Contact : Alpha Spa and Beauty IQ Pro PR

Lauren Dreifuss

877-6 BEAUTY

Beauty IQ Pro Spa


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