March 10, 2021

The Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experience

The Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experience

We are deeply humbled and honored to offer the exclusive Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experience. Discover your highest vibration, illuminate your soul, bask in Alpine indulgence, connect with nature, experience the intimacy of touch therapy, mood regulation, health and brain optimization paired with curated happiness Rx’s.

Take a sacred self-care journey into unparalleled indulgence, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The spa’s biophilic design embraces and celebrates nature and our genuine connection to mother earth, the mountains, rivers, plants and wildlife is incorporated throughout the Beauty IQ Pro Spa experience. 

Guests will discover the  transformative power of water, air, light, texture, touch, taste, sound, smell, sight and other tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive senses during our sensory perception therapies. 

Enjoy nature’s bountiful nourishment for the mind, body and spirit with our made-to-order organic, gourmet Beauty IQ Pro Spa Nourish Menu prepared fresh by private chefs.  

Beauty IQ Pro Spa Massage Therapy treatments move to  the rhythm of the majestic, snow capped Rocky Mountains and whispering tree lined forests,  inducing vitality and energy via intimacy, warmth and human touch points. 

Human connection, healing touch, nurturing and serving through spa and deep intimacy are our magnus opus. At Beauty IQ Pro Spa everything we touch is cultivated with concierge care to illuminate your soul, beautify your aesthetic and optimize your overall health. We aim to bless you with our humility,  conscientiousness, expertise in esthetics, sustainability practices, indigenous and botanical Rx, our giving nature and authentic, gifted, diverse spa staff including First People. 

We believe that the connection between the mountains and nature linked with the mind, body and soul is the most profound pathway to rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, life balance, contentment and optimum health. 

Beauty IQ Pro Spa | The Future of Beauty Intelligence transcends the superficial beauty and invites you to experience limitless self-expansion that accompanies the appreciation of true beauty, endowed hands, slow living and nature as healer. 

Our passion is serving via concierge spa service and socially responsible sustainability. Beauty IQ Pro Spa Staff entrusts the natural elements and process to do the real work of rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. 

Our sense of community is strong. Our cultural expression and curative sanctuary footprint reflects our core values : 

  • True Beauty
  • Beauty Intelligence
  • Confidence within our spa experiences and products
  • Total trust in the balance and beauty of our environment including the mountains, rivers, forests, trees, plants and wildlife. 

Giving, serving, nurturing,  beautifying, rejuvenating, optimizing, healing and sustaining is not what we aim for → Its who we are. 

What differentiates Beauty IQ Pro Spa from any other spa experience in the world : 

  • The trust that our clients place in us to meet their needs
  • Our incomparable energy and our vibration
  • How our souls relate to one another
  • The power of our intimate touch
  • The luxurious ambience of our spa
  • Our award winning signature treatments 

Come to us as you are. Book your Beauty IQ Pro Spa Experience today. Discover your highest vibration, Beauty IQ Pro grade aesthetics and experience why we are the interlocked network elite’s best kept secret and the most coveted spa sanctuary in and beyond the 90210. #GoBeautyIQPro


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