May 11, 2022

Luxury Beauty IQ Pro Spa Wows with Certified Wellness

Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness In Lofty Lone Tree Colorado

Immersive Nature Rx. Premier Guided Outdoor Activities





Hiking. Forest Therapy. Equine Therapy. Herbalism Flower Gathering. Rocky Mountain Viewing. Indigenous Relaxation Rituals.

Nature’s All Natural and Drug-Free Anti-Depressant and Anti-Anxiety Therapies

Our World Class Certified Beauty IQ Pro Wellness Staff

When in Colorado, as a resident, business traveller or tourist, do add indulgence in the active lifestyle, breathtaking snow capped mountain views and nature Rx immersion to your to do list and don’t forget to include a luxury spa encore at Beauty IQ Pro Spa located in the lofty south metro Denver, Colorado. Choose a spa and/or certified wellness package from our luxury spa services menu which includes in-demand services such as waxing, sugaring, threading, IPL and laser hair removal; massage therapy, signature facials, non-surgical medical aesthetics and curated wellness services to help you rest, relax, reset and rejuvenate.


At Beauty IQ Pro, we deliver curated and immersive certified wellness and well-being enhancements and concierge healthcare that our guests will love and wellness routines that will help you achieve measurable health gains for life.

Discover the new pillars of luxury wellness including a much needed paradigm shift from ego to self-actualization, immersive wellness storytelling journeys and passive experiences to active adventures at Beauty IQ Pro.



Denver, Colorado boasts alpine ambience, diverse topography and climate zones, luxe slow living, traffic free commutes, impressively efficient bureaucracy free government, diversity and culture rich population of just over 815,878 productive residents, crisp blue skies and stunning mountain views, incredible sunrises and sunsets, nature, wildlife, miles of hiking trails, fine dining, arts, entertainment, culture and award winning healthcare, small town values, kindness, neighborliness, rejuvenating spa services and oh so much more. Just the perfect metro small town for a luxury spa and wellness sanctuary.

Beauty IQ Pro Spa provides a much needed escape from the day to day. Book a hair removal, facial, massage or body treatment in one of our 10 private treatment rooms. Achieve balance with our exclusive soul cleansing, energy clearing, medicinal herbal rituals, indigenous Rx, aromatherapy infused treatments, hammam treatments, ceremonial therapeutic massages, ghassoul wrap, wild flower misting, the calm lounge, salt and crystal or steam room and more.

Choose from Beauty IQ Pro Spa’s curated spa and wellness experiences and relaxation rituals including complimentary well-being therapies plus mind strengthening treatments, coping skill enhancement, Ayurvedic yoga, fitness, meditation, mindset reset, mindfulness, sleep spa, high tea, locally sourced, organic gourmet plant based farm to table picnics and luxury spa accommodations.

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Get out of your comfort zone, start your digital detox, relieve stress, end insomnia, fatigue and anxiety, spur weight loss, resolve sleep issues all by experiencing the alpine aura of all that colorful, happy Colorado offers with our custom retreats, spa packages, glamping in the Rocky mountains, natural hot springs and guided forest therapy, hiking, water fall tours, horseback riding, yoga on the mountain, hot air ballooning, white water rafting, skiing, tubing, snowboarding, nature infusions, indigenous Rx and more prior to waxing, massages, facials, body treatments or other spa services.

We love that our purpose within the spa and wellness space is to optimize the health and well-being of others, induce healing and connect them to the bliss of immersive nature and beauty.

To Do List Pro Tip : For your most memorable self care moments, invest in yourself by booking your spa and wellness experience at Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness Sanctuary the next time you’re in Colorado.

Beauty IQ Pro Delivers Empirically Proven, Medical Grade Wellness That Naturally Improves Moods without Drugs, Induces Neurogenesis, Reduces Blood Pressure, Eliminates Stress and Boosts The Immune System and Overall Well-Being.

Our guests can improve vitality, moods, cognition, mental health, blood pressure, immune system, nutrition, weight management, metabolism, physiology, longevity, overall health and wellbeing with Beauty IQ Pro concierge healthcare, spa and wellness.

Our resident concierge medical staff includes MDs, NPs, RNs and PAs who administer bespoke offerings including a range of targeted IV therapy treatments, vitamin shots and precision bloodwork analysis and biomarker testing. Guests can also choose from our IV drips of the NAD coenzyme which is instrumental in reversing the signs of aging at s cellular level.

At Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness Sanctuary we advocate the seven pillars of health and wellness : mind, skin, microbiome and energy; active living and self-expansion; healthy organic gourmet plant based eating; deep, restorative sleep which is the ultimate luxury; stress reduction, elimination, management and awareness; connection to other human beings, animals and nature; and passion for living, finding purpose and expressing genuine gratitude.

Select our Beauty IQ Pro integrative health assessment and custom wellness immersion which foucses on your strength and vitality, mental clarity, hormonal balance, women’s health issues, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep and movement and alignment. Guest will gain a wealth of wellness and health optimizing knowledge from our nutrition consultations, lifestyle analysis, and fitness and alignment assessments—plus luxury spa, beauty and skincare treatments powered by natural ingredients.

Our individual guided spa sessions are available in packages or can be combined as ”add-on experiences” which aim to help guest discover their own unique purpose. More curated wellness activities range from stillness, meditation, wildlife tours, ballooning, ski, snowboard, tubing, outdoor yoga, trail hikes, herbal consultations, hypnotherapy (for weight loss or tackling anxiety, relationship breakups or trauma), orchestrated sound baths, pure energy clearing, personalized intuitive readings, Shamanic journeys and much more.

What better experience to quiet the mind and jump start your active fun fitness than forest therapy in one of our Denver Metro nature abundant parks —- enjoy birding or nature hiking, afternoon picnics and mountain power naps followed by luxury spa services featuring a Beauty IQ Pro Spa signature beautification facial, touch therapy massage, hairless wonderful wax or an attentive back facial or indulgent body scrub? Go Beauty IQ Pro for immersive nature and wellness experiences, beauty, skincare and relaxation reloaded.

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