May 11, 2022

Q&A Luxury Wax Bar + Best Bikini Wax Near Me ?

Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar | Waxing Sugaring Threading IPL Laser Hair Removal

The Future of Luxury Hair Removal | Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar

Waxing. Sugaring. Threading. IPL. Laser Hair Removal Services by Experienced Hair Removal Pros

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Is there a wax bar near me? Will I be comfortable with the new esthetician or laser hair removal technician? Are these hair removal pros experienced with waxing, sugaring, threading, IPL and laser hair removal? How much for a bikini, full Brazilian, brow, under arm and leg wax? Are men’s waxing services offered, too? What amenities will the wax bar near me offer? Is the wax bar location a convenient commute? Can I book a hair removal over lunch? Before or after work? Can I get in and out of my wax appointment within 20 minutes?

All great questions most often googled by discerning hair removal aficionados everywhere.

Then the frantic search begins for a luxury wax spa, expert hair removal pros offering efficient service, coveted amenities and a convenient commute at affordable rates ….

New in town? Searching for the best wax in the city? Upgrading your hair removal experience? Prioritizing your self care?

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.


Yes, there is a luxury wax bar featuring expert hair removal pros, coveted amenities and a easy commute near you.

Introducing Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar in California, Colorado and Texas 2022 

London, Dubai, Zurich in 2023

Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Location and Directions on Google Maps 

Did you know that our Beauty IQ Pro Spa Corporate Fleet will offer complimentary transportation for spa clients within a 10 mile radius?

Opening 100+ locations Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar throughout the USA starting June 2022.

Expansion plans include UK, EU, Asia and MENA.

Yes, you will enjoy the classic luxury of Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar and the engineered intimacy with your esthetician or laser hair removal technician. Our experienced, elite educated and well trained staff and the hair removal expertise will insure you feel comfortable and secure with the service. Ask about our spa and wellness service guarantee. We offer an incomparable, luxury hair removal experience specializing in various hair removal modalities. Discover our wax, sugaring, threading, IPL and laser hair removal packages and enhancements including our essential oils bar, branded balms, ingrown hair prevention kits and more. We serve all gender identities and offer men’s hair removal services, too.


Feel free to book a hair removal service before work with convenient wax bar hours available to suit your avail. Did you know that we open for business bright and early before sunrise at 6:00 am MST and close at 8:00 pm MST daily? Now you know. Need hair removal or spa services bright and early before work? Booked. Over lunch? Booked! After work and before your commute home? Booked! With our 15 minute speed wax service you can be on the table, hair challenges eliminated, achieving smooth skin, re-dressed and out the door in 15 minutes for most hair removal services. Have a special occasion coming up such as wedding or anniversary? Go hairless wonderful with our hair removal art or embellishments to celebrate your special milestone.

Refer a friend, hang out and luxuriate in self care with your girls, book a couples wax or go for solo hair removal and enjoy the experience over our daily high tea service featuring top shelf champagne, decadent desserts, assorted teas and finger sandwiches. Is there any other way to do luxury hair removal? Go Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar | The Future of Luxury Hair Removal.

The Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Difference

  • 5-Star Luxury Spa
  • Offering Waxing, Sugaring, Threading, IPL and Laser Hair Removal
  • Quick and Efficient Appointments 15- 20 Minutes
  • Cost Effective and More Affordable Than Shaving
  • Manage Your Hair Growth
  • Earn Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Rewards
  • Less Regrowth in Between Appointment
  • Hair Grows Back Progressively Finer and Sparser
  • Gently Exfoliates Skin
  • Less Prone To Inflammation
  • Less Itching and Agitation
  • Eliminate Ingrown Hairs and Bumps
  • No Razor Nicks, Cuts or Irritation From Shaving
  • Self Care Optimization
  • Achieve Healthy Skin
  • Improve Confidence and Self Esteem
  • State of the Art and Innovative Equipment
  • Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Wax
  • Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar Shop Hair Removal Products
  • Convenient Location 2 Blocks From Park Meadows Mall
  • Licensed, Experienced Estheticians
  • Trained Laser Hair Removal Pros
  • Valet Parking
  • Located At Secure Properties of Privilege


Choosing a new esthetician for a wax is best done when armed with an updated hair removal knowledge base. Discover Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar’s convenient virtual consultation, #AskTheEsthetician knowledge base FAQs and our AI powered Chat Bot to help guide you through the hair removal fact finding journey.

Discover our new Beauty IQ Pro Spa cinematic short films here on luxury hair removal to address your concerns or questions regarding our services.

Experience the remarkable reprieve of Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar’s 5-Star art deco and biophilic themed decor with its classic luxury ambience. We offer an exclusive VIP wax bar membership comprised of memorable moments and benefits including private wax spa suites, priority bookings, exclusive offers, swag, discounts, valet parking, a complimentary after wax lounge with cool compresses, a champagne vending machine, high tea, decadent desserts and finger sandwiches.


Shop Beauty IQ Pro Wax Bar’s line of hair removal after care products here.

Optimize your self care at our full service spa and pair your luxury hair removal with a signature spa facial, massage, body treatments, manicure/pedicure, permanent makeup, microblading, lash extensions, lash lamination and lash lifts or wellness service.




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